Person in a waiting room looks at a phone screen with a chatbot conversation showing on it.

  Customer Experience in Ascendance The fight for new insurance business is expensive and fierce. Policyholders primarily choose their policies based on price but increasingly their experience interacting with the insurer can tip the scales in winning or keeping valuable clients. Customer experience covers a lot of dimensions. And now it also includes all of the new digital touch points too. It's getting harder to know what is really going…

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AI Agents for Insurance

38% profit increases from artificial intelligence within the next 17 years--claims included in Allianz’s recent paper, The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Future Outlook & Emerging Risks. This rosy outlook is from a report that focuses on the broader context of intelligent tools beyond insurance AI. These numbers rely on a dubious assumption of continued acceleration of AI adoption across all industries. As with all change, multiple factors will drive or…

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A woman looks at her smartphone that is showing insurance agent software that is a chatbot asking her how the chatbot can help her.

Insurance Agent Software Challenges Insurance agent software with artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the way carriers communicate, including its less familiar machine learning and natural language capabilities. The deluge of information about insurance AI scares away many insurers from even exploring what AI agents can do for them. Where should insurers get started? Some choose to take a less obvious AI insurance agent strategy--begin with virtual chatbots that supercharge the…

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humanoid robot viewing small humans standing in the palm of its hand

Artificial intelligence was first invented in the 1950s and in the time since its birth, the power of our machines to compute has increased one trillion fold. A couple of Nintendo game consoles could have taken us to the moon in 1969 and a used iPhone 4 could trounce the Cray-2 supercomputer of 1985. We have watched our devices get smaller and faster. But our machines are quietly getting smarter…

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Insurance agent touching a virtual image with the word INSURETECH

The waves of cutting edge technologies have not missed the property and casualty insurance sector. The most recent wave penetrating all aspects of the industry are the explosion of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics applications. Insurance AI is seeing platforms aimed at the front lines and the back office. They can help reduce risk and forecast the future bringing more reliability to planning at all levels of the…

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