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Elafris, Inc. is proud to announce that it has partnered with Majesco to further enhance the software offerings it delivers to customers in the insurance industry.

Elafris is a pioneer in leveraging artificial intelligence technology into communications solutions. Its chatbot platform allows clients to streamline a variety of operational tasks, thereby saving money and increasing efficiencies. The management team at Elafris brings over 40 years of combined experience in technology leadership within the financial services industry which gives them a unique perspective into how today’s business challenges can be solved using innovative solutions. Their chatbot technology was developed in response to the demands of today’s consumer and is designed to help financial services clients stay in step with their customers.

“Millennials are the fastest-growing consumer group right now and their expectations about communications are very different from what was the norm even five years ago,” says Jake Diner, Elafris CEO. “We’ve developed a platform that helps our clients respond to these expectations and use them to enhance and streamline their operational model.” Indeed, according to a Business Insider report*, chat apps offer a higher retention and usage rate than many other mobile apps. Combine that with the fact that the majority of users are young (that rapidly growing millennial group) and it makes sense that chat apps should be incorporated into customer communication technology. “Companies that want to stay relevant and retain customers have to adapt their method of communicating with customers and operating on a day-to-day basis,” Diner says.

The Elafris chatbot technology enables clients to streamline the way they communicate with customers. By automating payment processing, value-added sales opportunities and day-to-day operational tasks, Elafris can help its clients elevate the way they interact with customers. The partnerships between Elafris and Majesco, and Elafris and Silvervine Software are a natural evolution in the business models of each company.

Majesco and Elafris

Majesco has been providing software solutions to customers in the insurance industry for over 20 years. With a focus on delivering software and IT services to insurance companies around the globe, Majesco works with over 140 insurance carriers who rely on them to deliver an integrated software solution that will help them operate and grow their businesses efficiently and effectively. The addition of the Elafris chatbot platform will help elevate the communication capabilities that Majesco provides to its customers.

According to a joint press release, Elafris and Majesco will work together to seamlessly pre-integrate the Majesco platform with Elafris to provide best-in-class communication and engagement experience for insurance companies. The integration will support a range of customer engagement and communication using customer’s social network channels for insurance related transactions including issue of auto insurance ID cards, policy payment, service inquiries, and more.
“Majesco is focused on the fast-paced changing digital landscape for insurance, driven by innovative technologies like chatbots and messaging used by other industries,” says Prateek Kumar, executive vice president of P&C business at Majesco. “This technology will help insurers rapidly offer a new option of communication with their existing customers and help attract new customers who demand digital engagement.”

Silvervine Software and Elafris

Elafris has also partnered with Silvervine Software, in business since 1996. Silvervine is focused on delivering automated policy delivery systems to P&C carriers and MGAs. Their modular, scalable system is designed to respond to changing business models. The addition of the Elafris chatbot technology is evidence of that adaptability. “Chatbots and messengers are the way of the future,” says John Baker, VP Business Development, Silvervine Software. “We want to be the first insurance software company to offer this innovation to our clients.”

The partnership between Silvervine and Elafris will allow Silvervine to enhance their flagship PRS V6 product which is modular and scalable and designed to accommodate different states and product lines. “It’s very fitting that this cutting edge software will include chatbot technology,” says Baker.
Strategic Partnership Provides Competitive Edge

The strategic partnerships between Elafris and these two industry-leading companies will allow Majesco and Silvervine to differentiate their offerings from competitors in the marketplace. The Elafris chatbot technology gives clients a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining millennials and helps ensure clients are staying in step with ever-changing technology.

“I am excited about working with both of these companies,” says Diner. “Their software solutions are an ideal fit for what we’ve built and their forward-thinking approach to customer experience opens the door for us to deliver cutting-edge technology that complements their product offerings.”

Elafris will be focusing on additional partnerships like the ones it now has with Majesco and Silvervine. Its goal is to become the company of choice for clients who wish to move the technology powering their communication platforms into the 21st century.

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This article was originally published on businessinsider

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