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Artificial intelligence and sophisticated automation are enabling businesses to jump ahead of the competition and increase operational efficiency. Insurers of all types are building chatbots and virtual agents (VAs) to save on overhead, increase customer satisfaction and bring products to market sooner.

Research hints this is just the tip of the iceberg for insurer virtual agents. VAs translate and integrate effortlessly with messaging apps. These apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram, have taken off in recent years. Facebook’s Messenger app topped 1.3 billion daily users as of September 2017, an increase of 100 million users since its last report five months before. Far from slowing down, messaging apps are proliferating with new launches every month.

Insurer virtual agents and chatbots are also launching rapidly to capitalize on the wide range of benefits the new technologies promise. To help you formulate your strategy for integrating a virtual agent or chatbot into your company, follow these guidelines:

Keep it simple

Virtual assistants are popular when the offer a lightweight experience for the policyholder. Don’t make your customers do administrative busywork. Instead focus on serving customers with a minimum amount back and forth.

Stand out from the chatbot crowd

Invest in making your chatbot and virtual agent match your unique policyholder preferences and your company’s image. Be selective in which VA and chatbot technology firms and integrators you choose. Trust a vendor who spends the time to discover your particular customer profile and company values to design they type of customer experience with VAs and chatbots that your policyholders will respond to.

Get yourself together

Policyholders don’t want slapped together tools that do not keep up with the conversation. Adding an insurance virtual agent or chatbot to your current communications with insureds needs to reduce frustration not multiply it. Any VA solution must be able to pick up serving your customers where other conversations left off and provide the same customer experience as your current methods of communicating.

Satisfaction starts with trust

Policyholders establish confidence in your company. They know you handle their personal and financial information carefully, respect their privacy and keep their accounts safe from unauthorized access. Make sure that your selected AI chatbot provider and integrator adheres to the same high standards you have set, following the best practices for securing information that is transmitted and stored via the virtual agents and chatbots. An often overlooked requirement of your VA/chatbot vendor is to ensure ready access to their dedicated staff to assist with your security and privacy concerns.

Team players only

Ever been annoyed when customer service doesn’t get you to the right person to help you? Your insurance chatbot and virtual agent has to make transitions flow without bumps and disconnections. And what about “no answers” to a transfer to a live agent? You want to pick a VA and chatbot product that will handle that as a common occurrence–elegantly and professionally– and not as a botched, negative experience for your valuable policyholders.

Insurance chatbots and virtual agents offer exceptional benefits to carriers and agencies.

  • Labor cost savings – call centers must be staffed for peak demand; VAs scale up instantly, stick to required scripts, don’t forget, do not tire, and are inexpensive versus live agents.
  • Increased customer satisfaction from VA help when live agents are not available after hours or on weekends.
  • Automating operations such a providing proof of insurance, billing reminders, taking payments, reporting on claims status, collecting information.

Throughout the organization, Insurance virtual agents and chatbots can free your team from tiresome, routine tasks so they can focus on the important policyholder interactions that keep your customers loyal year after year.

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