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SAN FRANCISCO—Elafris, Inc., the Artificial Intelligence communications provider, today announced the appointment of Christopher J. Hogan as Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. The company’s AI-based platform brings intelligent, automated agents to the communication channels customers love like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Amazon Alexa. As the company’s Marketing and Business Development chief, Hogan and his team will help shepherd Elafris through its next phase of growth, developing and executing the company’s go-to-market strategy, including the marketing, sales and business development, as well as partner development.
“We’re excited to have Chris Hogan join us at Elafris.”, said CEO Jake Diner. “He brings unmatched strategic ingenuity and the proven capacity to transform small technology organizations into world-class enterprises.”
Hogan has amassed an impressive range of accomplishments as a serial entrepreneur, both in the U.S. and abroad. He had lead startups and high-growth organizations to achieve scale and beyond. He brings a wealth of perspectives having spent ten of his two-decade career leading teams in Europe. Notably, he was part of the small, early-stage team that broke into the broadband space with what is now the largest broadband company in the world, Liberty Global.
Mr. Hogan most recently served as the Executive Vice President for the Americas at ThinkTank software, makers of the leading digital collaboration platform, where he spearheaded revenue generation, customer success, partner and channel development efforts, securing strategic partner investments, and doubling the value of this SaaS business. Clients included AIG, Proctor and Gamble, Accenture, Deloitte, NASA, amongst other Fortune 500 companies.
“I am honored to join the stellar Elafris team to help transform the Insurance industry with Elafris’ AI powered agent platform.” Said Mr. Hogan, adding. “Building on the amazing successes we have developed thus far with technical and business innovation, Elafris is in a great position to fundamentally change how insurance companies engage and delight their customers”


About Elafris, Inc. Headquartered in San Francisco, Elafris, Inc. is the developer of the first Artificial Intelligence communications platform specifically tailored for the Insurance industry. The company’s AI platform leverages Neural Networks and Machine Learning technologies to create virtual insurance agents that eliminate waiting times and response lag for Insurance customers, whenever they need to communicate with their provider, file a claim or buy an add-on product. To learn more, visit the Elafris website at www.elafris.com.
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